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Project Management

What You Need to Know About Project Management

What you need to know about Project ManagementWhat You Need to Know About Project Management Project Management is all about getting things done without spending too much or taking too long. But when you start hearing things like man–days, PSOs and stakeholders, it just makes it difficult to understand. So what do you really need to know about project management? Find out: Why setting clear goals matters How to estimate absolutely everything. How to get things back on track after they’ve gone wrong How to track big projects Why work/life balance matters when you’re running a big project This clear and simple approach will mean you’ll never panic when faced with a big project again. Read More in the Want You Need to Know Series and Get to Speed on the Essentials… Fast.


Fast Projects: Project Management When Time is Short

fastprojWe are all faced with projects going off the rails, veering far from what we initially set out to do, costing ten times as much and taking far too long to complete – this is just part of everyday working life. Honing our general skills in project management seems like the obvious answer, but Fast Projects promises a quicker and easier solution – cutting the time to get projects done in the first place.

Learning to operate within a short schedule not only cuts costs and improves revenue and cash flow, but it also sets you aside as a sharper and slicker operation. How to build, shorten and execute a realistic plan in the shortest time possible is covered in detail along with a specific focus on ensuring you have clearly defined goals and are making accurate project predictions with a successful tracking progress.

Using worked examples and tried and tested techniques, Fast Projects is your practical guide to ensuring projects not only succeed, but are delivered early. If you want to get the most out of your team and take control of your workload, resources and time, this book is for you.


How to Run Successful Projects: The Silver Bullet III

silverbulletThe essential elements of project success packaged in an easy to apply and common sense approach which thousands of readers will attest works.


How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time

webtimeNo matter what high-tech field you work in, but particularly in software development, shortening project time is of vital importance. Here’s the how-to book that describes a radical technique for doing just that.


How to Run Successful High-tech Project-based Organizations

hightechThis volume offers practical steps to creating a Structured Project Management (SPM) system in your organization. Based on the ten steps in Fergus O’Connell’s previous book, “How To Run Successful Projects”, it expands on that concept to offer a solution to keeping today’s high-tech companies competitive, on budget, and on schedule. Using SPM company-wide, you create a system wherein unforeseen challenges or problems occur on a localized level where they do not affect the system-wide enterprise. All project tasks are described as being both unique and part of a larger scheme, giving definition and a sense of importance to individuals, departments, divisions, and an entire company. From the individual on up, smaller projects are completed and compiled, layer upon layer, until your whole organization is producing at peak levels.