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Out now – new novel: Maps of the Heart

“The trouble with my father was that he had lived the best part of his life by the time he was twenty-one.”

So begins the story of Bill who returns to Cork in Ireland having lived through the most exciting three years of his life – in the Navy during WWII. He brings with him his new English bride, Jean.

Now, he’s looking for a new adventure. So too is Jean – wanting an adventure of her own.

But what adventure could possible top WWII?

Told through a child’s eyes, and with echoes of Angela’s Ashes and Paddy Clark Ha Ha HaMaps of the Heart is a story about expectations, the search for love and how life rarely turns out as expected.


It’s out!

Available to pre-order now

This book contains everything I’ve learned about project management since my first book was published in 1992.  It will be available in Europe on 22 November and in the US on 22 February 2019.  It’s available to pre-order now.


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