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How To Put A Man On The Moon If You’re A Kid


Throughout their school career, every schoolchild in the world is given projects to do. Once they leave school, many go into jobs where they have to run other, much more significant projects. Yet – bizarrely – no child is ever taught how to plan and run projects. It should be no surprise to us, therefore, that so many large projects routinely run late or over budget or fail to deliver what was required. We have not even taught the basic skills to the people involved! Imagine if we didn’t teach anyone arithmetic but we still expected people to become accountants and scientists and engineers.


This book teaches project management to kids. It shows how, whether it’s a tiny project about ‘My favourite pop star’ or a huge project to say, put a man on the Moon, the same method, the same techniques apply. In 90 pages the book describes this method in simple language that an 8 – 16 year old child could understand.